Thursday, February 13, 2014

Week 6 - Departing MTC & Arrival in Quito, Ecuador - 10 February 2014

Hola mi familia!

I am here! In Ecuador, our flight landed around 10. I'm so sorry I was unable to call at the airport. There was not enough time... But I love you so much! It's so great to here that Jane gets to go to Disneyland this week. I love those spontaneous decisions...they make life a little more full. I feel like I am home here in Ecuador. I feel like I'm really going to like it here. Quito is a HUGE city. I didn't realize it last time we were here, but after driving over a huge bridge over a massive ravine, climbing up a mountain, and tunnels, and finally emerging into a higher area where there were many tall buildings, the more wealthy part of Quito (On high ground) I feel like there is going to be so much to do!  I don't have much time to email but I want to let you know how this day has been

We left the CCM at 10 pm last night and drove an hour to the airport. Checking baggage took an entire hour, because a lot of people had overweight baggage.. like myself.. I had to pay 80$ on my debit card for immigrant tax and baggage. I think the church will reimburse me but I just thought I would let you know. Then we rushed to our gate and made it on the plane! It was probably 12:30 am and I felt inclined to buy a coca cola with my left over pesos to stay awake. A very man sat next to me and we conversed a little in Spanish until he told me he could speak English. This was so nice! I asked him a lot of questions, and practiced what they taught us at the CCM for expressing interest and showing love to those around us. Turns out he is Presbyterian and we were able to connect because of our love for Christ. We talked about the Atonement and he really opened up to me and told me about some really hard things that he's been through in his life. He divorced his wife and he only sees his daughters twice a year. And then he told me how Christ ahs helped him feel whole. I then began to share our beliefs about the holy ghost, and how Christ and God were separate beings but one in purpose. He was really interested in that.. and began to ask me what other things I taught. I basically taught him the entire restoration right there on the plane. The spirit was so strong. And I could feel the light of Christ in him. Anyway, towards the end of our conversation he said he wanted to ask me other questions after he got some sleep. After the flight I gave him the card to visit the Mormon website and talk to the missionaries.. He said he would! Anyways.. that's my first missionary experience. Also when we got to Ecuador.. literally someone just came up to me and asked for our phone number so he could listen to the missionaries. It made me realize that everyone is at different places in conversion and any experience be it small adds up to people becoming more and more curious about the church. this was very cool for me.

Any way here we are in Ecuador. We just had a cooking class with Hermana Andersen, the Mission President's wife, about how to cook in Ecuador!

Anyway I have to go in order to let Hermana Hill write. So I'm over and out until next Monday!!

Con Amor
Herma Powley