Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Week 17 - Quito, Ecuador - 28 April 2014

This week was a really great week! We were really able to meet most of our goals, except references and lessons with members. I guess there`s a correlation there. But we were able to baptize Fredy Puma and feel such a sweet spirit. It was a miracle that his mother, Yolanda could come, because she told us earlier on in the week that she had work. We asked her to do everything she could, talk with her boss, in order to make it to the baptism and the confirmation on Sunday. And she came! Just in time. After Fredy`s baptism, his Dad, Fredy Puma as well, bore his testimony, and expressed his gratitude for the support from the ward. This really touched my heart. Also that there was a row of deacons that all came to support Fredy in his baptism. I am so grateful for the leaders in our ward, that work so hard to provide support and love. The next day, on sunday, the whole family came to church and stayed all 3 hours. Fredy Puma (the Dad) had this exciting energy that we hadn`t seen before. He was asking when he could go out and do Home teaching! This is a huge improvement, because lately we haven`t seen them interacting a whole lot with the ward. I know that Fredy`s baptism was a miracle for the family. They were able to feel and remeber the covenants they made and God`s immense love for them.
Also this week, we have progressed with Jorge Espinosa, who was able to come to the baptism and a tour before. Jorge is an exciting investigator because he always has so many questions. I remember our first lesson he wanted to know everything... kolab, how we can become Gods.. galore. We are trying to help him realize that now he needs to focus on the Gospel of Jesus Christ, the little things, that will provide as a guide in his path to eternal life. Jorge is very excited for his baptism. He came to church and partici├áted in the Gospel Doctrine Class on priesthood. He loved it. 
Also, we are teaching Paola, and her son, Sebastian now. I love how Paola`s face brightens and beams when her son answers the questions we give him in the lessons. He is 13, but very bright. Paola, really just wants to be a better mother. They are reading in the book of mormon and praying together every night. The challenge that we can see with them, is that Sebastian has this Catholic Semenary he has to attend for his school, Sunday mornings, and can`t come to church. We taught them about the Apostacy last night and asked Sebastian to pray if he should drop the Catholic Semenary. He said he would. We read Dsoctrine and Covenants with him, in order to know hhow he would recieve answers to his prayers. Either a warm comforting feeling in his chest, or a confusing change of thought in his head.
Wow! I just love helping people expound on the scriptures!!! Being a missioary is so much fun!
I don`t have much time to write today because we went on a road trip to Ottavallo for Hermana Hemsley`s last pday. but really quick I would like to share with you all the miracle of the week! We visited our recent convert, Francisco Yesterday and reminded him that fast sunday was coming up and if he was ready to fast. He told us, Chuta, I`m gonna fast tommorrow too becuase I really need to find work. And he called us this morning whilke we were on the bus to Ottavallo, and told us that he was offered a job! Wow! God is watching over us.. thats for sure... Also fun fact. The other day I was walking down the street, and I was starting to feel really wet for no no good reason. I began to look around, and realized that we were actually in a cloud. Its kind of hard to explain, but I guess you could say we had our heads in the clouds. Quito is pretty high up in the air. like 10,000 feet above sea level no joke. 
I love you all! have an amazing week!!

Hermana Powley