Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Week 44 - Quito Bella Aurora- Nov 3, 2014

Mi querida familia,

So November 2nd… day of the deceased (Dia de los defuntos) or AKA when
everyone goes crazy. And drinks a delicious colada morada which is
like pie filling but better. And devour guawas de pan  (breads shaped
as babies). ITs kind of like memorial day on steroids. Halloween
wasn`t much, Hermana Dillman and I couldn`t find pumpkins, so we
bought granadillas and carved cute Little faces on them dressed
ourselves up in orange (I found a freaking awesome orange pancho in
the house and looked like a pumpkin all day long)

. This week  sadly we do not have any investigators that  are
progressing.  Day of the Dead was justo on Sunday and so everybody
left town to visits the graves of their grandparents, and could not
come to church. I guess traditions are a big deal here in Llano Chico.
Before Sunday we had a lot of investigators, ok 13, that accepted
baptismal date, we even had many tours planned, we prayed everyday
that they would be able to come to church. And not even one could
come.  I know that this had to happen, right in the weekend of the
fast, to test our faith. I know that this is a critical week. Its like
our rebound week to save all the investigators that couldn´t meet
their commitments. This is our week to make sure we have baptisms in
November. I know that this work isn`t about numbers. But we need to
see fruits in this next month. Our goals show our faith, and when we
meet our goals, we can see the hand of God in our efforts.

This week has been filled with beautiful moments. We were able to
teach a new family, The familia Chicaysa. I know they are going to be
able to progress. They are like sponges, we found them contacting and
they are indigenous and very humble. Veronica and her daughter were
preparing for a baptismal date and we will just have to find them
tomorrow and change that date to the 29th because Veronica`s mom
called them to come visit her for the weekend in Riopamba. Veronica`s
sister Carmen, and Carmen`s husband, and their daughter Melissa. Aslo
had baptismal dates with Veronica. Again, I`m sure that they will be
able to progress. We are thinking about helping them understand a
little more about Joseph Smith by visiting them with a movie, the
Restoration. Its gonna be great

There was a huge miracle that happened this week, for me it affected
personally the growth of my testimony. We were teaching a different
indigenous family on Saturday night, the familia Males, they have so
much potential. And anyways, we were teaching them the restoration. We
got to the point where I was sharing the first vision. And I was
repeating the memorized phrase of when Joseph smith vio una columna de
luz. Before we got to this point the family ahd said a few things that
had placed just a little bit of doubt in my heart. Right before I
started to relate Joseph`s words, I said a prayer in my heart, that
God would testify to me that Joseph Smith was a prophet. As I prayed
in my heart and began to speak, an overwhelming warmth and spirit
filled my chest, mind, arms. The power of God was right there in the
room. When I finished, there was a long silence. And the mother,
HErmana Males whispered amen. And then I started to testify. The tears
slowly came into my eyes as I realized without a doubt tha t what we
are doing is the truth. God sent a prophet, and his authority is here
in the world. God loves us. He is patient with us. I know that I need
to always have moments like that moment in the lesson with the Familia

Faith has a short shelf life. We must always be recharging our faith.
In every prayer, in every study. Always keeping that perfect tunnel of
communication with our heavenly father. I love that we are all on the
same road, progressing to the same eternal destiny. Some are farther
along, and some of us for now are trying to help others get on the
road. I know here in the mission I am discovering who I am and who God
needs me to be. I know that Christ has redeemed us all if we follow
his gospel. I know without a doubt, that we must be obedient and honor
Gods word in all times, all things, and all places. Even when not
everything goes our way (And when does it?) God is all powerful. He
tests us, and then he blesses us I love being a missionary!

Have a great week everyone! I love you all so much! Dominate your
personal prayers

Con Amor
Hermana Powley