Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Week 54 - Quito Bella Aurora - January 12, 2015

And another change begins! I am staying here in Bella Aurora with Hermana Espinoza, I´m excited to keep working with her and to reach some new goals. Also, I´m excited for all the new Hermanas in our zone. It will be nice to help Hermana Corne, Hermana Saragoza, and Hermana Wight get accommodated to their new sectors, and two of the other Hermanas in Quito are training...what fun!

This week we still don´t have investigators that have accepted baptismal dates. That doesn´t mean we´re not challenging people to be baptized, just that many people aren´t ready yet. I feel like as I start this change, patience is a virtue. Sometimes when people just don´t want to act, it nags on me.. and I just want to change their attitudes! But we can´t do that, we just have to respect and invite and pray with faith that God will lead us to those who are prepared. I will be working on the Christ like attribute of patience this change as I worked and focused on humility the change before. I can sense a difference. When we make goals to become more like Christ, he is beside us cheering us on. You are all invited to choose an attribute for this month to develop, through scripture study, prayer, and action. Send feedback! If anyone knows of good talks on patience and hope, send them my way!

This week every time we stood up and testified of the restoration, my testimony grew that much more. This week we have strived to follow the spirit in everything we do. We had an impression to focus on the Doctrine of Christ with everyone  (Faith, Repentance, Baptism, Confirmation, and Enduring to the End) Ironically, many times this week, investigators with whom we have been teaching lately told us to stop pressuring them, and we´ve had to leave quite a few. It just goes to show, that the adversary works hard, He tells people that its enough to simply believe Christ exists... that no matter how one acts in this life we all will reach heaven. A great lie. Many place their fear of man before their fear of God. We all face moments in our lives where we have to be brave. At times when pleasing God is socially unaccepted, at least once in our lives, we have spoken merely to please the crowd...but we need to change! (See Lynn G. Robbins talk, "Where do you Face?" from Conference October 2014).  Many don´t like to change because its not easy. They just want us to visit them, bring peace to their home and then leave them to do nothing in return. I wish with all my heart that we can just find and keep those who meet commitments. Constantly we promise blessings, and explain Christ´s doctrine, which is in essence.. change and progress. For a reason, we felt inspired to focus on Repentance and Baptism this week.. we had to let those people go because the Lord has others prepared.

Counting our Blessings. One miracle this week was Sunday night, we went to visit a family with whom we have been on and off visiting for a month or two. They have progressed, especially the husband since we began visiting them. The husband, Alberto Males told us last night that he was going to go to church with or without his wife next week. Alberto never has thrown out promises like that. He has never committed to any of our invitations before. The spirit filled the room. I can´t describe how much love I felt in that instant. I know that he will keep his word, and these first steps will make all the difference in Alberto´s conversion. We are hopeful to have many fruits this change. Its my 3rd change here, and I am learning that I need to change.. be more patient and loving, and selfless. I need to reach out to people. I need to dive into the water to find people, instead of just casually waiting with my fishing pole in the water. I need to know their desires their hopes their dreams, and then bring them out of the depths of sin and show them the light of Christ. This is only possible with the guide of God himself. He will be with us if we are with him. This week has been very edifying and I am grateful to the Savior for helping me see my weaknesses. Now! To work!

Con Amor
Hermana Powley
PS: Also divisions with my hometown sister, Hermana Hill! Love her so much! A super excellent missionary who simply glows:)