Saturday, March 14, 2015

Week 59 - Quito Bella Aurora - Feb 16, 2015

Mis queridos,

How are you all doing? I have learned a lot this week. I am so grateful for personal and companionship study. I am so grateful for my sweet companion Hermana Espinoza and her amazing example. I am so grateful for orange-papaya juice.. the next big thing. I am also so grateful for Pdays where we just decide to stay in and give each other pedicures. I´m also grateful to have been able to go on splits with Hermana Dillman and Hermana Lefrant in San Carlos and Iñaquito. They both are great examples and I have been able to learn so much form them.  

To be honest, I haven´t  really been able to spend a  whole lot of time in our sector this week. I had splits in San Carlos with Hermana Dillman, and wow let me just say.. its a beautiful place. We had a service project where we helped a recent convert move to a different home. Literally we moved a huge couch from a 3 story apartment to the ground. Still not sure how the couch didn´t break, but miracels happen when missionaries are put to work. Also they rewarded us with grilled cheesed sandwiches, pringels and salsa.. a few American delicacies. Then I had divisions in Iñaquito... my first sector! It was definitley a blast to the past especially because exaclty a year ago we were stepping off the plane onto Ecuador soil. Hermana Lefrandt and I found a ton of new people to teach and we stopped by my favorite panaderia and the owners recognized me and gave me a huge hug. It was very special:) But Wow.. Hermana Lefrandt is a powerful missionary. I feel like I learned so much more from her than her from me. She always finds cool ways to connect the gospel to peoples lives. And she has no shame. A family walked past us as we were knocking doors, and we both looked at each other, and started to run to catch up with them. Hermana Lefrandt just yelled, "Hey! We need to talk with you guys!" and they turned around and listened.. such boldness I have never seen. 

Even though, in our sector we don´t have any investigators that are progressing, we sacrificed for the other missionaries and I know the Lord has his own timetable. We all just need to smile and have fun because we´re the Lord´s servants. We are also on the winning side. Even though some people tell us that they burned the Book of Mormon and they don´t want anything to do with us, we just need to go out every day and every week with MIGHT and LOVE. I know that everything will be OK. I´m just putting everything in His hands now. I´m going to stay on target with positive thinking. Negative thoughts only come from Satan. Doubts must be doubted before our knowledge and hope. I feel like I see so many miracles on divisions, and I truly feel like an instrument in the Lord´s hands when I go out with the other Hermanas. In my own sector, we are still seeing miracles. Strengthening members, helping with Family History, and helping recent converts build their testimonies. We are seeing progress!

I know that the Christ is the Master, and our creator. He is The First and The Last. Es nuestro abogado ante el Padre. Aunque hemos hecho muchos errores, Sé que nunca está demasiada tarde de cambiar o dejar habitas viejas. El Señor es nuestra guía. Entonces aun que las personas nos rechazan, solo se acerca nuestro entendimiento de la vida de nuestro Salvador. Estoy feliz de ser misionera. Sé que el nos forma y nos hace instrumentos perfectos, a fin de que demos música que cambie el mundo. Tenga una buena semana! Oren para las personas en Ecuador!!

Con Amor
Hermana Powley