Saturday, March 14, 2015

Week 62 - Ottavalo - March 9, 2015

Hola todos mis queridos!

This week has been a great week! There are miracles each day! We know that the Lord is blessing us as we strive to be diligent. Its true that there is always room for improvement, always room to give even more than what we are giving. It  makes me feel good to set goals,  make plans and see them  through.  I love this gospel. I feel like the purpose of life is to reach goals. To reach a goal we need to show daily diligence. Through repentance and faith we can realize each and every plan.

This week President, Cecilia  (the bishop`s mom) Didn`t stay for all 3 hours, so her fecha fell through. Its better this way so we can teach her really well all the lessons so that sh e understands. We were`nt able to refechar her sunday afternoon but we will on wednesday (our next planned visit) Our ward mission leader is helping us translate the lessons in Quichua. So she can understand even better.

A miraculous story that I would like to share from this week is a reference that Hermana Gonzalez and I received from a missionary in a different a sector, Hermana Bowman. The reference `s name is Marina and she is family of a member in the ward. She is a single mom. We called her on sunday to set up an appointment. Even though she wasn`t able toa meet with us on sunday we scheduled an appopintment for this week. We had no idea where her house was. After we called her we started knocking doors, doing some sunday  afternoon tracting. We knocked a door and 4 kids peeked their heads out the door. We presented ourselves and asked them if they ahd heard of the church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints, they said no, and that they  were members of a different church. We asked them which church and they told us the Mormom Church. We gave them a really big smile and told them its the same church. Then we asked them if they were baptized, and they said no. We were slightly confused how they could be members without  baptism but  turns out that they had assisted church several times with their cousins and just assumed that they were members. You might wonder where Marina comes into picture. With afurther questions, we found out that Marina, the referral, is their MOM! Not just a coincidence. We are excited to see them and invite them to baptism later this week.
Also.. fun fact.. I did divisions with Hermana Nogales in my old sector! Ibarra Central 2. All my converts are going strong and giving references to the missionaries. So cool! We visited one convert, Silvia, and a family that Hermana Pinto and I rescued-- the Family Figeroa. The Family Figeroa has been inviting a young man, Junior, 19 years old, to their house to hear the discussions. Junior will be baptized this Saturday. Missionary Work spreads!!  I never had any idea when I was in Ibarra that what I was doing, through helping the Family Figeroa be active members in the church, was setting stones for future baptisms. It just fills me with such a joy to know that the Lord always has a bigger plan than we can imagine.

Anyway, I`m so happy to be here in San Pablo. Its true that ther are ups and downs each day but with the power of faith and fast we are lifted above complaints and doubts. We are seeing true miracles with less actives. We hope to rescue 9 this month. I love preaching the gospel to nonmembers and membears alike. I love this sector because we are truly learnign how to work with members. Like the prophet says, this is our time to Work Together! Members and missionaries. True missionary succes comes from diligence on the members part as well. Faith from members. It doesn`t matter where one could be serving their mission, if the wards are strong, there will be baptisms and even moreso, conversions. I  know that this  is the Lord`s work. We are His friends, His instruments, and emit His light. I love to be a missionary.

Con Amor
Hermana Powley
Pic - Me and Hermana Gonzalez in Mission Council