Monday, April 6, 2015

Week 65 - Ottavalo - March 31, 2015

Mi querida familia,

This week has been a Miracle with a capital M. We were able to help Carlos Catucuamba and Cecilia Farinango enter into the waters of baptism. We are so happy. Carlos will now be able to prepare with his fmaily to go the temple a year from now and be sealed for all eternity. In the bapitsmal program, the bishop felt inspired to get up and say a few words before the baptism. I don`t remember exactly what he said but I remember feeling an indescribable joy. That families are eternal. I looke over at Carlos with his family. And each of them had tear filled eyes. Its just so beautiful how the Lord works and how we can each see the blessings he pours from heaven. It wasn`t an easy week for Carlos but he made it. His daughter, Ingrid, also was baptized with him, she`s 8, and the water was freezing.. she also had to be baptized 3 times because she wasn`t completely covered in water. It was really sad. But she also did it! Cecilia Farinanango, probably the most beautiful abuelita in the world, also was baptized. The most beuatiful part however was sunday, when her own son, the bishop, confirmed a member of the church and gave her the gift of the holy ghost. It was so tender and beautiful. They too will be able to be sealed together in the temple a year from now.

David was able to come to church this week! He also came to the baptism and we gave him a tour afterwards. The members love him. He seems like he has been a little bit of a rebel in the past with his pierced ears and big chain cross necklace but he has strong desires to repent and come unto Christ. He is definitely someone that the Lord has been preparing. He loved church, and even though he has classes in the University of Ibarra we can teach him Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. David keeps preparing for the 18th of April.

Yesterday we went to go teach our newest recent convert, Cecilia Farinango, to ask her about how she felt receiving the Holy Ghost. When we got to her house, she wasn`t home, but her son, Eric Fernandez was home! He usually is hard to find and he is definitely a rebel. Cecilia has been telling us that Eric has been changing for the better since she started going to church. With tears in her eyes, last week Cecilia expressed a huge desire for her son to be baptized too. We taught Eric yesterday. It was a powerful lesson. Eric plays soccer on Sunday, gets drunk with his friends, and I`m sure other bad stuff, but we shared with him Mosiah 2: 36.37. Which King Benjamin basically tells us if we aren`t obedient, we are enemigos de Dios. It was very direct, and I felt like a missionary right out of the Book of Mormon, preaching repentance to the Lamanites. He totally understood and told us he wanted to change, Eric wants to be on the Lords side. We extended a baptismal invitation for the 25th of April, and he accepted. Cecilia came in after that and the smile on her face was indescribable. I feel like now the Lord is blessing Cecilia for her faith to be baptized.

I love this work. I never want to stop. During the Women`s Conference on Saturday night, I just felt a strong urge to never never never stop doing my best. We are here to protect the family. That is our calling. To help people realize that if they are built on the rock of Christ, who is our redeemer, we and our families shall never falter. This is my testimony. I know that Christ is at the head of this church. I know his power is real. As we prepare for easter this upcoming sunday, I want to remember Him more than anything. That thanks to him, we are clean. I know that baptism is just the door. As Alma invites his brethren in Mosiah 18, I testify that we must be witnesses of God at all times, in all things, and in all places. Covenants we make with our father in heaven are serious. He promises us strength if we have the faith to keep his commandments. Let us never give up. The reward is life eternal.

Have a wonderful week everyonen!

Con Amor
Hermana Powley

PS. Sunday was the last church meeting for Hermana Gonzalez. So we dressed up in the typical dress of the natives here. Almost everyone in the ward goes to church like this so we fit right in!

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