Monday, April 6, 2015

Week 66 - Ottavalo - April 6, 2015

Mi Querida Familia,

Abrìl, aguas mìl! I said goodbye to my beautiful friend Hermana Gonzalez yesterday. She truly taught me so much and will be flying home to her family in Guayaquil tomorrow. The beautiful part about her homecoming is that 4 days after she gets home, her family will go to the temple to be sealed for time and all eternity. I remember Hermana Gonzalez told me that she made a promise with God. She promised to serve the mission and find families to be sealed so that God would help her family to become temple worthy. And Oh did Hermana Gonzalez see that promised fulfilled. I love her so much, it brings tears to my eyes and it makes me just want to sing at the top of my lungs how great and glorious is the love of God.

  My new companion is Hermana Perez. I have been with her on divisions before and she is a powerful misionary! She just finished her 12 week training and will be working with me in San Pablo. Its awesome because her old sector is closing so we went to her old house and got ahold of some new pots and pans:) (Sidenote) She was baptized a year ago with her whole family in El Salvador and she and her two other siblings are all out on the mission right now. Talk about a golden family. Right now we are in a trio helping out Hermana Salas because she is going to train and goes to pick up her daughter on Wednesday. Its really fun. They talk spanish super fast and I have to really pay attention.

It was a poor week for the work because we only had 2 half-days to work. For Monday and Tuesday we were in Quito in Mission Council with all the Sister Training Leaders and Zone Leaders, Wednesday we got back and had to do planning and correlation, Thursday we worked but also had our reunion de lideres, and friday we went to quito for the Interview of Hermana Gonzalez. Saturday and Sunday were General Conference. Its the worst week of numbers that I`ve had in the mission, but not everything is shown in these indicador claves (key indicators). As a blessing from our heavenly father we were able to focus in on a less active that we were able to rescue this week, Estela. Her kids just need interviews and they will be rescued next week. I also feel that I have truly been enlightened and my personal testimony has been strengthened beyond anything this week. These are the fruits of the amazing Capacitaciones we were able to have on Tuesday and also in General Conference. I remember that someone said that the most important part of conference is right afterwards, when we are brought to our knees to meditate and make new goals for our lives. I was brought to my knees sunday night as I looked at this week`s numbers and was bombarded by thoughts of, "You`re not diligent enough" or "why are you an hermana leader when you can`t set an example." I questioned myself, "How can I have a more profound desire to sing the song of redeeming love? And then I opened up preach my gospel and read page 2. It says in the 3rd paragraph, that as we come to understad the Atonement of Christ more fully, our desire to share the gospel grows. I thought for a moment and decided it was true. I must try to come to understand the Atonement more fully to truly have desires to be diligent in the testing point. I began searching scriptures on the atonememnt and reviewing talks form Genera conference and the Liahona. I have come to the conclusion that Chrsit suffered, literally for every person on this planet. If he suffered all their pain, sadness, and guilt, just so I can pass them on the street, or not talk to them in the bus, without even giving them the opportunity to accept and come unto Him, I am not believing in Him and His power to save. I know that Christ loves every man and women and child and nañagu and torigu here in Otavalo. Do I love them? I am praying to have this profound love. I feel a new and rejuvenized vigor to serve my Lord and Savior and make it so His eternal sacrifice was not in vain. I loved Jeffrey R. Holland`s talk that describes the atonement as hands shot out right before free fall to save us from impending doom. It`s so true. We are literally on a falling earth and we must only fight and keep moving forward with faith. This is what I have learned this week. As of now, we don`t have progressing investigators but we will catch them from free fall this week and we WILL have them in church next sunday. I am so excited to be with Hermana Perez. I am excited to learn from her and acecarse a nuestro Salvador juntas.

Con Amor
Hermana Powley 
Las Fotos:
1ro: Just me and my friend, Toro.

2ndo: For Herman Gonzalez`s farewell in the zone the ZL's brought a cake and I nudged the cake in her face.

3ro: Mision Council in Quito

4to: The Gringo Room for General Conference in English #alwaysagoodtime

PS. For easter, I decided to be my own easter bunny.  I bought a ton of candy and hid candy all over for Hermana Gonzalez. I wrote a sign that said Happy Easter. She loved it.