Sunday, May 10, 2015

Week 69 - Ottavalo - 27 April 2015

Hola mi Querida Familia,

Another week gone by! But I feel really good about this week's work. We had Stake Conference, and even though the power went out and we all had to run to the stake center, and there were probably just short of a thousand people packed into one building, plus 3 or 4 dogs, quite a few investigators and recent converts came! It was a powerful service. I definitely was spiritually fed. The stake president and his councelors literally remind me of the 3 Nefites, and probably are. But for real, it hit me that everyone in this region where we teach are direct descendants of Lehi. And every page of the Book of Mormon was written out of the love which the ancient american prophets held for these very people. It very well could be that the spirits of Alma, Ammon, Amulek, and Nephi walk the streets of Otavalo and San Pablo preparing the hearts of our investigators. A very strong priesthood power is felt here:) 

Thanks to our fasts and prayers, David Carlosama is back! And he is progressing towards baptism. Its kind of a funny story with David. He actually has a baptismal date for this saturday, May 2nd, and we haven`t been able to talk to him about changing it yet. He really wants to get baptized this saturday but we haven`t finished teaching him all the missionary lessons because of the week and a half where he dropped off the face of the planet. He has vacations from the U this wednesday, thursday, and friday. So if we visit him everyday maybe we can make it work:) Hermana Perez and I feel more comfortable with changing the date however, we will see what happens. David is awesome! He is a smart kid and definite future missionary. A miracle.

I may have mentioned in my letter last week about a couple new families we found.. well two of the three are showing real interest. And came to church yesterday. The family Ajavi, where the father is inactive and the mom is investigator, came to church, but the mom hasn`t accepted  baptismal date yet. Pray for her! They have 7 kids.. that`s a lot of future potencial for the church in San Pablo.. we have got to help them reach solid testimonies. The Familia Delacruz has been a little tough to find but all the kids came to church on sunday, the parents had to work, but the kids loved conference! We have also seen progress in the father, Giovani, who at first just wanted to contend, and now listens like a schoolboy. None of these families have baptismal dates yet, and for that cause we shall work this week!

We have felt the spirit very strongly this week and I would like to share a little bit of insight I received about teaching in unity. We have learned since the beginning of the mission we should teach like Ping Pong.. teaching and sharing brief portions of the message with our companions. Sometimes I teach like chess. Sometimes I talk and talk trying to find the best maneuver before passing over to my companion. BAD MISTAKE. I learned this week that the spirit is always much much much more stronger when we teach in short, brief portions the message. We are able to ask more questions, show more love, and grow as a companionship.

I know that the gospel is true. I know that Christ is at the head of this church. This is HIS church. Led by His authority. We are living proof that His work is hastening. We see miracles everyday. We must press on with faith in Christ and perfect charity. I love this work! And I love all of you! Have a fabulous week and remember what really counts:)

Con Amor
Hermana Powley
1.Corn Guardian

2. Hermana Perez and a basket

 3. Stake Conference Missionary Pic