Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Week 72 - New Latino Area of Otavalo - May 18, 2015

Querida Familia,
And we have changes! Hermana Perez left for Quito and I´m in Otavalo in the Latino Ward. My new companion is Hermana Maximiliano! Another Peruvian. She is very diligent and sweet. I have had the opportunity to do divisions with her before and I´m excited to learn from her. She is a new Hermana Leader and I´m going to show her the ropes and such. It will be a good learning experience.

I definitely have mixed feelings about changes. I feel like a hole has been made in my heart and that I am going to miss the people of San Pablo more than any other sector. I have never been so sad to leave a sector. Maybe its because this is my last change and here in our new sector with Hermana Maximiliano there hasn´t been as much progress, so I ask myself why. Why didn´t we close Latino and stay in San Pablo? We´ve had baptisms, rescues, and we have a full program for the next month. This was the time for San Pablo 2. Maybe I´m just being selfish. I need to be the 4th missionary. This time will help me grow, and we will be able to help the other Hermanas. I know that President receives revelation and I support him 100%. Nonetheless these changes are really hard for me. But we will see miracles. I´m excited to work in a new sector. I´m excited to know new missionaries and new people. Its a blessing.

In San Pablo 2 we finished off the week with 2 progressing investigators. Lucia Inuka and her daughter Kathy are preparing to be baptized the 30th of May. They have been assisting church, we´ve had some Family Home Evenings with them and the Familia Catucuamba (Recent converts and also cousins to Lucia) and they are reading the Book of Mormon daily. We love them so much. The Elders gave them blessings yesterday at church to give them comfort because they are passing through some hard times. Lucia seperated from her husband a couple weeks ago, because he tried to kill her. Its some pretty deep stuff, but interesting how the Lord sent us to them right on time. A strong peace and stillness is felt when we teach them. Pray for Lucia and Kathy to receive the comfort they need and the hope in a better world.

Our recent converts are doing great, we are so proud of their progress. David Carlosama is already halfway through Mosiah.. look at him go. Also Carlos (the one who lost his job because we fasted for it) just opened up his own business and the bishop was there to support and everything.. so awesome. Cecilia Farinango (the bishops Mom) is seeing many miracles in her life right now. Her rebel son, Erick, has come to church ever since David got baptized, and Erick wants to get baptized now! He was an ancient investigator and we want to get him commited to a date but we haven´t been able to find him in his home.. highschool ends in 1 week so just counting down until the Elders can visit him. Cecilia shared her testimony in a community family home evening that we held last night and it was so tender. Even though I didn´t understand much because she talked in Quichua, you could feel her deep love for the Savior.

I am so grateful for the opportunity the Lord has given me to serve in San Pablo. I will always hold this sector in a very close place in my heart. I love being a missionary. This type of sadness is the best kind. Its not the kind of sadness when an investigator decides to stop continuing.. thats a ton worse. This is just the sadness of saying goodbye but knowing that everyone is on the right track. And that we will all meet again in some bright future day. Its happy-sad. I so want to come back in a year and accompany Carlos and his famly to the temple and be there when they get sealed. I love my Savior. Sometimes I think about the sector He had to leave behind. He came to the Americas and established his church. He didn´t stay for very much time, but left behind millions of changed lives, he hopes that we can all make it back to him. We are all changed because of Christ. We MUST remember him. Always. This week hasn´t been the easiest, but everytime I remember Him, I am filled. I keep remembering Christ and the Samiritan woman this week. When he tells her that she can drink from the living waters, where she will never thirst again. Christ is the living water. When we feel overwhelmed, when change seems to drown us, we just have to remember that he keeps us afloat, and that through remembering him, we can be happy. We MUST read the Book of Mormon, it leads us to perfection. I love this eternal course, I love change, it means that the Lord is pruning me just a little to help me GROW!! I hope you all have a great week and I love you lots!

Con Amor
Hermana Powley