Sunday, June 21, 2015

Week 76 - Ottavalo - June 15, 2015

Hola mi Querida Famila

We have seen many miracles and blessings this week. Especially with the investigators who came to church on sunday. Some people came for the first time and it was a true joy!

Joana finally came to church with her husband and her 3 kids. A miracle. Her husband has been inactive ever since they got married. But he came in shirt and tie :) We were just crossing our fingers and trusting in the Lord`s mercies during the sacrament, and when the doors were opened after the sacrament, they walked in the door and it was magical. Joana has some real desires to be baptized and to be a good example for her family. We are excited to see her keep progressing this week. She has a baptismal date for July 4th.

Dayana and Andres also came to church and our preparing to be baptized the 23rd of June. They need to get married this Thursday and are really excited, they just keep seeing a lot of opposition. We found out yesterday, that Dayana might have to travel to Ibarra Thursday afternoon to present her thesis for the university. Please keep her in your prayers that these plans can cancel and they can complete there goal to get married on thursday. We were teaching them the other day and focused on the importance of Service. They have 2 twins, Andrea and Andres Jr, who are just super pilas (smart) The twins are 6 years old, already can read the Book of Mormon like pros, love to pray, and having matching footy pajamas. Cutest kids ever. They fight over who gets to say the prayer. Love this family.

I know that there are Nephite angels walking the streets here in Otavalo because we feel their presence everyday. One great miracle we were able to see was Saturday afternoon. 3 of the Laurels from the ward Young Women`s plus Aylin (The new young women`s counselor and also recent convert) accompanied us to do some group visits. One of the Laurels has been less active for a year whom we have been helping remember her testimony, took us to her neighbor`s house. Her neighbors are from Columbia and are passing through some heavy difficulties. Omar, the oldest son is 16 years old and a drug addict. But he listened to us and understood everything really well. He`s a little crazy because of some affects that the drugs have done to him over the years, but you can tell he wants to change.  Tatiana, the less active who accompanied us, bore her testimony so strongly of the Book of Mormon it made me just glow inside. Its one thing to bear your own testimony, but to watch someone else gain a testimony is something else entirely. Thanks to the lesson we had and Tatiana`s example, Omar came to church on his own yesterday. I know the best kind of missionary work is member missionary work.
Come what may, the Lord is with us. Hermana Maximiliano and I feel like we are being overwhelmingly blessed. Nonetheless, that doesn`t mean we don`t also feel opposition press in all around us. This is the sign that the gospel is true, because Satan is working so hard to tear us down. But we have discovered that everytime negative thinking starts to enter our heads, straight out praises to our Father in Heaven cast out all whirlwind and bring peace. Testify of Christ this week, and see how the world changes. Testify of his love and of how he is the center of God`s plan. Everything we are and everything we will be is thanks to Him. We our dynamic beings, thanks to Him. I love my savior and I know that he doesn`t just ask for 2 or 1.5 years of service. Discipleship never ends. We must love as he does, unconditionally. I love being a missionary!!!!
Con Amor
Hermana Powley