Monday, June 22, 2015

Week 77 - Ottavalo - June 22, 2015 - Last Email

Hola mi querida Familia!

This week we keep on keeping  on with our efforts to always visit with members present. We are very happy about last week and we are excited to see what this next week brings. Unfortunately, Dayana and Andres were unable to get married last week and therefore will not be able to get baptized this weekend, but we have high hopes for them. They are ready as far as testimony. Andres technically could get baptized this weekend, its still set as a goal and his date hasn`t fallen yet because he always assists and him and Dayana aren`t living together. We just aren`t sure if he`s keeping the law of chastity. But he is going to have a baptismal interview this week and there is a possible chance that he will get baptized this weekend. It would be awesome becuase then, he could receive the priesthood the following week and baptize Dayana. Pray for them!!

If you remember last week`s letter, we mentioned Johanna, who sadly was not able to make it church on sunday, thus her fecha fell through, but she is back on track and we wil re-set tomorrow her goal for the 11th of July. Johanna is an awesome investigator she always has great questions about the Sacrament, living prophets and apostles, and what she is reading in the Book of Mormon. Her husband, Reymundo, a less active member, sometimes loses his patience exactly on Sunday morning and they fight a little. That`s what keeps them from going to church. So we are focusing in on Christlike attributes and repentance with them this week to help them in their relationship.
Also, Omar, our miracle investigator that is working on overcoming a drug addiction. He came to the activity that we organized friday evening with his brother and his neighbors, who are less actives we are working with. Omar has so many cool comments in Gospel Doctrine, and has read a huge chunk out of the Book of Mormon. He says he feels like his life is changing thanks to the Book of Mormon. The Gospel Doctrine class was on tithing and at the end of the class he tried to give our ward mission leader money. We were quick to teach him that afternoon about how tithing works. The sad part is, he`s returning to Cali Columbia next week, but he is determined to find a church there and keep visiting with the missionaries. Meanwhile we will keep working with his Mom and his brother who both have desires to come to church and be baptized!
I`ve been thinking a lot about this next week. I have mixed feelings. Not knowing if I should be happy or be sad. But I know the Lord will guide. I aksed for a priesthood blessing sunday from one of our zone leaders. It was the coolest experience. Elder Caballero gave me the blessing and blessed me to be able to give all my heart, might, mind and strength this week to the Lord. I felt such a strong consolation and joy. This church is so true. The priesthood has been restored. That blessing was very special for me and I know that God truly shall be with us this week to protect and help us be 200% diligent.

I have truly felt the power of repentance and of the priesthood this week. This morning I focused my study on 2nd Nephi 9 and 10, Jacob´s sermon on the Atonement of Jesus Christ, the first place in the Book of Mormon where the word "Christ" is mentioned. I learned and love in 2nd Nephi 9: 21 and 23 that Christ truly suffered for each and every person that would ever be born. He literally loves us and wants to live eternally with him. We must share His gospel with every living person on this earth because He suffered for them. It is up to us to spread this gospel, but it is thanks to him that the people can become converted and baptized and saved in His kingdom. Hermana Maximiliano shared something very touching with me. That as we reach the end of our missions perhaps people will ask us how many converts we have or how many families we helped. But the answer is zero. Our converts are not ours at all, they are the Lords. We are merely instruments in his hands. Numbers never have and never will define our status on the Lords scale of accountability. If we can learn to love without expecting anything in return, to walk the path of pain and hope, and to look at ourselves squarely in the mirror to say that yes, I feel I have done everything in my power.. this is conversion. I now realize that the best thing I get out of my mission is me. A new Alexandra Powley. And how great shall be our joy in the Kingdom of our Father. I know he loves us and I know that Christ lives and has paid my price.

Con Amor
Hermana Powley

We climb this hill everyday. And the view is one of a kind.

With Hermana Szerdi and Hull. Zone Training Meeting with President Richardson

Johanna and Reymundo made us Ceviche de pollo con patacones for lunch today.. delish